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Caught Doing Good for Kids is a unique, FUNraiser where “teams” of people invest a LITTLE bit of time to make a BIG difference for abused and neglected kids!  If you have a group of co-workers, family or friends that are like-minded, challenge them to take the plunge and join in!    

Caught is held Friday, April 21, 2023, in the CASA Conference Center. It is a virtual fishing tournament in which we challenge community groups and businesses to “fish” for donations for our mission work. We have been doing this event for eight years, and it has become one of our community’s favorite events. It gets easier and more fun every year for participants and donors.

It is simple. Snag a team of co-workers, friends, business groups, etc. (3-5 people). Team members will reach out to their network of contacts for tax-deductible donations via phone, text, email, social media. Team members can also collect coins, cash, online donations, etc. before the event day as well. 

We provide talking points, promotional flyers, and if you like, set up your personal Facebook Caught Doing Good for Kids page. 

Then, the fun begins as you watch the donations fly in. It isn’t hard, but it is certainly an adventure! On event day, team members talk a little smack, eat great food, and fish for door prizes and team trophies. Each team can choose a one or two-hour fishing spot that will conveniently fit their schedule, or they can even fish from their own “pond” if it is more convenient.


Register a team or donate by tapping this button.

CASA contact: Katherine Elliott, 903.597.7725 x110 or katherine@casaforkidsofet.org.


CASA is preparing for our spring fundraising campaign, “Coins for Kids 2023”. This will be our sixth year for this event. The event was created to partner with schools in our community to raise public awareness of CASA and raise funds to help us fulfill our mission. Our campaign in 2018 began with three schools. This year we are challenging 23 schools to join the fun. We are excited to see which schools take up the challenge!

  • The Coins for Kids campaign will run from March 1 to May 1, 2023.
  • Coins for Kids is a little unique in that each participating school can choose a one to two-week period during this time to host their event.
  • Most schools last year ran the Coins for Kids Campaign during April, which is National Child Abuse Awareness Month.
  • It is up to each participating school to decide the best time frame for them.
  • The concept is easy – collect coins and donate to CASA. Collectively, this campaign can have far-reaching results and is fun for the students.

Each school also decides how they want to run its campaign. Some schools have challenged other school districts to a “Battle of the Coin,” while other schools have used this as a leadership opportunity for the Student Council, National Honor Society, or other various student clubs/groups to raise funds. Whatever they do, it results in a fun and inventive way to help CASA for Kids of East Texas advocate for the children in our communities.

If you want to know if your favorite school is involved, just call us, and we will let you know if they are on the list. If they are, then you can donate your change to the cause. If not, why not call them and encourage them to join the fun? (We will be publishing participating schools and how to donate closer to the fundraisers.)


CASA contact: Katherine Elliott, 903.597.7725 x110 or katherine@casaforkidsofet.org