CASA Continuing Education

So many of you have already got a jump on your Continuing Education for the year – thank you!  We are routinely going into Optima and approving hours that you’ve submitted and it warms our heart that you’re so committed to growing as an advocate. As always, please let us know about opportunities you know of that we might share with everyone by emailing

Here are a few upcoming opportunities if you’d like to join in and utilize them for CE credit(s).


CASA Bite – We’ll be sending out fun, short videos each month to give you quick tips and updates. Watch for these to pop up in your email. Watching these will give you .25 CE credits.

Continuing Education 1.5 (formally known as CASA Compass) – this is our monthly virtual meeting to discuss a CASA-related topic in hopes that you’ll find both encouragement and exciting takeaways to help you as you advocate in our community.
Stop in (virtually) at lunch to earn 1.5 hours of CE credit!

***Please mark your calendars for May 19th  at noon.

Topic: Sunshine and Cloudy Days – Dealing with the Emotions of Advocating
Some days are great and some days are hard. We get it. And, with May being Mental Health Awareness Month, we want to help you with ways of dealing with the roller coaster of emotions that come with wanting the absolute best for your CASA child.

Continuing Education 3.0 – This is a 3 hour deep dive opportunity that we’ll be offering quarterly and on a Saturday! We’re looking forward to bringing you great speakers, fun videos, and tangible tools to boost your CASA experience! This is a great way to get 3 hours of CE credit!

Mark your Calendars: 2nd Quarterly Continuing Education 3.0 is on May 22nd from 2:00 – 5:00 pm.

This is an online opportunity to get THREE Continuing Education Hours knocked out!

Teenagers are a world of their own! And we have some wonderful advocates who have a knack for entering that world and loving them through it. However, there are always questions! And we want to help with an understanding of the influences in a teenager’s life and how they respond to those influences.

Even if you’re not currently working with a teenager, you are welcome to attend!

To register for this event, email  We had a great turnout for our February class and we appreciate everyone that participated.  We hope you’ll join us in May!

Independent Study Options – Here are a few opportunities to use for CE hours as well!

Texas Health Steps:
Change the format to “course” and you’ll see a variety of course options ranging from 1 to 2 hours.
Texas Health Steps’ award-winning online program offers FREE CE courses. Topics that would be appropriate for CASA CE credits would include those such as Childhood and Adolescent Depression, Childhood Anxiety Disorders, High-Risk Behaviors in Young People, Interpersonal Youth Violence, Recognizing, Reporting, and Preventing Child Abuse, Promoting Adolescent Health, Trauma-Informed Care for Children in Foster Care, and
Youth Suicide: Addressing Risks, Plans and Behaviors.

Texas CASA: Addressing Issues of Grief and Loss (click on title to link) 1 hour (1 CE Credit)
Webinar presented by Adam Robe, CEO, Foster Care Alumni of America and Speaker/Trainer/Author at Robe Communications, Inc. How can you help a foster child cope with the inevitable grief and loss they experience just by coming into care? This presentation offers specific and practical strategies and insights to strengthen your advocacy for children experiencing grief and loss.

Texas CASA: Behavioral Health Services for Foster Children under Medicaid (click on title to link)  1 hour (1 CE Credit)
Webinar presented by Richard LaVallo, Legal Director at Disability Rights Texas. In this webinar, LaVallo covered:

  • Behavioral health services under Medicaid’s Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnostic and Treatment
  • Behavioral health services under the mental health rehabilitative services provisions
  • Due process protections afforded to foster children to ensure the provision of medically necessary behavioral health services
  • How to advocate for behavioral health services on behalf of foster children.

YouTube: Growth Mindset: Encouraging Kids through Tough Times (click on title to link) 30 minutes (.5 CE Credit)
Cathy Thompson, founder of Beyond the Classroom, speaks with her guests about growth mindset and easy ways families and educators can incorporate this into everyday conversations.

YouTube: Advocating for Children with Sensory Processing Differences (click on title to link) 2 hours (2 CE Credits)
CASA of Lexington invited Rebecca Duvall Scott, author of Sensational Kids Sensational Families: Hope for Sensory Processing Differences, to speak about advocating for children with sensory processing differences.

Continuing Education Resources Through Texas CASA

Texas CASA has a wide variety of continuing education resources available online. We will accept any of the listings from the “Learning Center” at Texas CASA. Feel free to explore all Texas CASA has to offer. Once you complete one of the sessions, please go to Optima and record it under your training. If you need assistance with this, just give us a call at 903.597.7725. To see the complete list and access these opportunities go to