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CASA volunteers stay by a child’s side throughout the case, advocating first for reunification when safe and possible.

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    One voice.  A child’s voice. They should be laughing, joking, giggling.  They are silenced by abuse, neglect, and an unknown home.  Who will be their voice for this child in matters that affect the rest of their lives?

    One voice.  Your voice.  You can speak for a child.  You can change a child’s story.  Tap the link below to watch a short video.  Call us if you would like to chat.

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  • TexasCASA

    Imagine a child that you know and love is in a bad situation. Maybe there are drugs involved. Perhaps abuse. Then they are in foster care.

    Imagine that child being with strangers. Perhaps in a new school. It doesn’t matter that home is scary. It is all they know. They just want home. They want their stuff, their friends. They do not know what happens in their home doesn’t happen in other homes. It is all they have known.

    What if someone stepped up to say “My name is …. I’m going to help you through this.”? What if that someone was you?

    Let us tell you more. Please. Children are waiting.

    Learn how you can help.

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    Many in our community do not know who we are or what a court-appointed special advocates does.  If you need a speaker for a meeting or event, PLEASE CONTACT US.