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    It’s time to plan for our annual fall dinner, festival, and auction benefitting CASA for Kids of East Texas.  Mark your calendar to attend on Tuesday, October 17, 2023, to join us for a fun evening of delicious food, entertainment, and auction.  Special 10% off pre-event purchase of Mystery Bags and Treat Walk tickets.  Tickets and sponsorships are also now available at HAYYALL.INFO.  Tap on the red “Events/Donate” button or tap below.

    Donations of auction items, gift cards, dinner items, and baked goods needed.  All donors recognized at the event!  Deadline 9/16/23.  Call us at 903.597.7725 to donate.

    Purchase sponsorships, tickets, and pre-event sales of 10% off Mystery Bags and Treat Walk tickets.

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    We have an immediate need for volunteer advocates! Advocates visit foster children at their placement monthly, assess their safety and needs and then report to court! CASA will train you, guide you and support you. The schedule is flexible and many of our volunteers are employed full time. Over 100 children are waiting for a volunteer to help them through their journey in foster care. Do you want to make a life-changing difference in the life of a child? Contact us TODAY to join our June class.


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    • The hardest part isn’t saying goodbye to a child you’ve championed through their time in foster care.
    • It isn’t speaking up for their needs in court.
    • It isn’t working together with social workers and family members toward a common goal.
    • It isn’t learning how to advocate for a child and help them navigate the system.
    • The hardest part is deciding to make a difference.

    Every Child Has A Chance – It’s You!®

    The Hardest Part

    Please take a few minutes to read a local foster child’s story.  tap here to read “Hear my voice.” Leon’s Story 
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    Please take a few minutes to read a local foster child’s story.

    tap here to read “Hear my voice.” Leon’s Story

    Learn more about how you can advocate for children in the foster care system right here in Smith, Van Zandt, and Wood counties.

     tap here to email our team to learn more.
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    One voice. A child’s voice. They should be laughing, joking, and giggling. They are silenced by abuse, neglect, and an unknown home. Who will be their voice for this child in matters that affect the rest of their lives?

    One voice. Your voice. You can speak for a child. You can change a child’s story.

    tap here to Watch a short video on child advocacy

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    Imagine a child that you know and love is in a bad situation. Maybe there are drugs involved. Perhaps abuse. Then they are in foster care.Imagine that child being with strangers. Perhaps in a new school. It doesn’t matter that home is scary. It is all they know. They just want home. They want their stuff, their friends.  They do not know what happens in their home doesn’t happen in other homes. It is all they have known.What if someone stepped up to say, “My name is …. I’m going to help you through this.”? What if that someone was you?Let us tell you more. Please. Children are waiting.

We envision a community where every child who has experienced abuse or neglect is given the opportunity to thrive in a safe and loving environment.