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fall, 2022

The past 2 years presented numerous challenges for our country, community and our organization as well.  We continued to find new “norms,”  wore face masks, quarantined at home (again and again), searched for good and services we had relied upon in the past, and learned that we could participate in activities “virtually.”  Through it all, we were resilient, flexible, and remained passionate in helping our abused and neglected children.  Sadly, CASA for Kids broke an unbelievable record in our 30th year of service in 2020, serving 734 children.  In 2021, CASA again served a heart-breaking number of children:  720!  With the dedication and commitment of our volunteers, donors, staff and other partners, we met the demand!  We even launched a few new programs:  Grand Opening of our new Campus, Children’s Christmas at CASA, and our annual Justice is Served fundraising gala held at our new campus.  We committed to continuing this work this year and added a new Teen Coordinator position who works exclusively with foster teens and helps youth transition from foster care into adult-hood when they turn 18 years old.  We will begin work on our new playground and hope to fully open up our new Children’s Center and Conference Center before the end of the year.  How does CASA make a difference?  We work diligently to confirm that our children are safe in their temporary placements, have their basic needs met and start working on rebuilding trust, hope and the foundation for a bright future.  Each child is unique and we meet them where they are and where they can be!

2021 Summary

  • 720 children served
  • 68  new volunteers trained
  •  Gift cards distributed in December
  •  Over 9,000 volunteer hours reported
  • 171 cases closed
  • New campus fully renovated and paid off in full!

We enter 2022 with hope and a renewed commitment to continue to be the voice for children.

2022 Goals

  • Recruit at least 90 new volunteers
  • Serve EVERY child who needs a CASA advocate
  • Build playground and walking/biking path
  • Reopen in-person connections and training
  • Expand diversity/inclusivity efforts
  • Partner with diverse groups in our community to expand outreach, recruitment, and acquire resources for our children
  • Train ALL advocates on new volunteer policies
  • Launch basketball tournament, community non-profit day, children’s book fair
  • Expand Children’s Christmas at CASA event

2022 Needs

  • Leads for businesses/groups/churches/etc. for volunteer recruitment
  • Teams of 4 people who want to play “Get Caught Doing Good for Kids” social networking – April 1, 2022
  • Guests and vendors for “Passport To Fashion” event – June 4, 2022
  • Kitchen supplies:  hotpads, dish towels, dish rags
  • New donor’s gifts matched this year up to $7,500 due to the generosity of an anonymous donor!  Make your gift work twice as hard for kids this year!

Jan – September 2022 Demographics

Child Demographics

African American 26%

Bi or multi-racial 7%

Caucasian 55%

Hispanic/Latino 5%

Native American 3%

Native Hawaiian or Other 1%

Female: 52%   Male: 48%

Age 0-5: 28%

Age 6 – 12: 43%

Age 13+: 22%

Volunteer Advocate Demographics

African American 8%

Bi-racial 1%

Caucasian 85%

Hispanic/Latino 6%

Female: 81%      Male: 19%

Age 21 – 39:  27%

Age 40 – 59: 34%

Age 60 and over: 39%


CASA’S NEW CAMPUS:  3616 West Way St., Tyler

CASA for Kids of East Texas purchased a new “campus” in July of 2020 and began renovations soon after.  We are so excited to announce that our renovations are 100% complete and feature a “Conference Center,” and Children’s Center with a visitation area and toy “shop.”  Our final phase will be the creation of an outdoor children’s area with a playground and pathway for walking and biking.  We invite you to drop by and see our progress.

Making CASA’s dream facility became a reality.

  • Triple the square footage.
  • Two buildings (1 for offices, 1 for Training and Child Visitations)
  • Triple the training and meeting space.
  • Children’s Visitation Room for on-site visits between children and their advocate.
  • Space for all staff and future growth.
  • Large Volunteer Resource/Project Room.
  • Adult and Children’s Library.
  • Large room for toys and other children’s needs.
  • Peaceful land for possible playground, picnic area, walk/bike path.

Mary Jo Burgess