Instructions to Add Training to Optima

 In Optima, locate the Training tab. From there, you can “Add” a training under In-Service Training    
Dates should reflect the day you started the training and the day you completed the training.  
Training Topic should reflect the type of material you learned about  
Training Format reflects how you obtained the information  
Trainer indicates whether or not this was a person facilitating or if it was media  
Hours should be entered in quarter hour increments (.15, .5, .75, 1.5, etc.)  
Mileage documents how far you traveled for an CE Opportunity  
Notes can be as short as three sentences that explain the type of information you learned about. How did this relate to your advocacy? What are your major take-aways? If it was a class or workshop, who offered it?   Please allow time for CASA staff to review and approve your submissions.   Thank you!