How Does a CASA Help? What Does a CASA Do?

Celebrating Reunification!

Volunteer Advocate Gabby Ascencio kicked off 2021 with a BIG celebration!  Over a year ago, she accepted an assignment with three children, originally placed in shelters.  The children were later moved to two placements four hours apart and Gabby continued her relationships with the children during the Pandemic through video chats and phone calls.  Gabby passionately spoke up for the children, ensuring their protection was an ongoing priority when concerns were raised.  As the parent made progress, CASA recommended increasing mom’s visitation with the children, moving towards reunification.  Gabby provided encouragement and praise to the parent.  CASA monitored the progress at home to ensure the children’s continued safety before recommending reunification and dismissal.  Thank you, Gabby for your devotion, encouragement, and support for this family!

How Does a CASA Help?

What Does a CASA Do?

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